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Annual Award Winners

Each year at the annual meeting of the Damariscotta Region Chamber of Commerce, four awards are conveyed which cover the following categories:

  1. Individual Community Service – The Individual Award is presented to a person who has enhanced the community by contributing both their time and resources. They support the needs of organizations, businesses, and individuals within the community through their demonstrated generosity, collaboration, and cooperation.
  2. Organization Community Service – The Organization Award is presented to a business or organization that has enhanced the community through its generosity of time, resources, spirit, and support. This award recognizes the contributions of the business/organization and what it has added to well being and quality of life in the region.
  3. Business Enhancement Award – The Award is presented to the business or organization that has enhanced the business and/or community climate as well as the overall economic health of the region. The accomplishments have been realized through a growth in products or services, a change in mission or purpose, or a growth in services provided within the community.
  4. Business Person of the Year – The Award recognizes the recipient for their active involvement in the community through business, volunteerism, or both. Their contributions enhance the overall economic health of the region and the well being of the general population by making our community a better place to live.

2019 Award Winners

  • Billy Claflin – (Individual Community Service Award)
  • Renys – (Organization Community Service Award)
  • The Shuck Station – (Business Enhancement Award)
  • Frieda and John Hanlon – (Business Person(s) of the Year Award)

2018 Award Winners

  • Rick Hagen (Individual Community Service Award)
  • Lincoln County Publishing Company (Organization Community Service Award)
  • Jennifer Van Horne – BuzzMaine (Business Enhancement Award)
  • Jeff, Donnie, David & Steven Pierce – Yellowfront Grocery (Business Person of the Year Award)

2017 Award Winners

  • Bruce Lutsk (Individual Community Service Award)
  • Jane and Gary Gravel (Organization Community Service Award)
  • Tidwater Telecom / LCI (Business Enhancement Award)
  • Mike Hall – Hall Funeral Home (Business Person of the Year Award)

2016 Award Winners

  • Ted Silar (Individual Community Service Award)
  • Community Energy Fund (Organization Community Service Award)
  • Dow Furniture (Business Enhancement Award)
  • Randall Miller – Newcastle Chrysler (Business Person of the Year Award)

2015 Award Winners

  • Grace Goldberg – Savory Maine (Individual Community Service Award)
  • Spectrum Generations (Organization Community Service Award)
  • Lincoln Academy (Business Enhancement Award)
  • Wayne Moore (Business Person of the Year Award)

2014 Award Winners

  • Kathy Anderson (Individual Community Service Award)
  • Damariscotta River Association (Organization Community Service Award)
  • Mexicali Blues (Business Enhancement Award)
  • Jean Kerrigan – Damariscotta River Grill (Business Person of the Year Award)

2013 Award Winners

  • Dennis Hilton (Individual Community Service Award)
  • Miles Memorial Hospital League (Organization Community Service Award)
  • Lincoln Academy (Business Enhancement Award)
  • Scott Lash (Business Person of the Year Award)

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